[anime recommendations]: KAIBA

"Never too wrong, your heart,
Always beside you - that's all I wished for.
Never too sad, your heart,
Can't bear losing my everything."

[anime recommendations]: KATANAGATARI

"To rescue someone regardless of who they are,
--is not that why the gods are gods?"
[manga recommendations]: OYASUMI PUNPUN

"She was a person...that someone like me should never ever get close to.
But even so...to seek beauty is human.
To be played and toyed around with is human.
And to break and destory...that is also human.
[anime recommendations]: BACCANO!

"Depending on who you place in the same situation, the characteristics of said incident change kaleidoscopically. In other words, there is one incident. However, there are as many stories explaining it as there are people involved in it."
[manga recommendations]: DEADMAN WONDERLAND

"The crazy you was exquisite. The murdering you was beautiful. I loved you.
If you're going to go back to being a hypocrite that saves no one...
...then I'll give you salvation."